Concrete Coating Ideas in Arizona

Concrete Coating Ideas

Concrete even after it is finished and dried is still not so beautiful to look at. It is this reason that has brought about the practice of coating concrete to make it more appealing to the eye and also help in maintaining it by sealing the pores and protecting corrosive substances from sipping through. Coating of concrete structures, walls and floors has become a very common practice in Arizona.

Concrete coating is done using very different techniques that are available for use. Some techniques can easily be learnt and carried out as do it yourself tasks or they can be done by a professional. Other techniques though are complex and can only be carried out by a professional since they could be very involving and might require special and expensive equipment that we cannot readily have at home. People can get extremely creative when it comes to coating concrete. This is because we all want to maintain beautiful investments throughout the years. Some of the methods used in coating concrete include the following:

Concrete staining ideas – concrete staining involves applying an acid stain on the concrete surface. After applying the concrete gets different colors depending on the stain color and also different patterns. The concrete wall will end up looking like stamped concrete or flagstones when the have been laid smoothly on a surface. The acid stain sips into the concrete and reacts with the concrete chemically changing its structure of composition. This makes acid stains permanent marks on the concrete.

Engraving concrete – this process is also called concrete etching. It involves use of special tools to uniquely etch out patterns and designs on the stained concrete surface. The surface is first stained so that it acquires a certain color. Then the pattern is drawn on it like a book. The stained part has color while the engraved lines will be white or greyish because the equipment used scratches on the concrete. The patterns can be enhanced further by staining more on them. The designs created by engraving are marvelous and you may not just believe some of them are made directly on the concrete. That is how wonderful they can get. The process of engraving involves first washing the area to be engraved. After that, the stains are applied. After the stains dry out the patterns are made on the surface. After the pattern is complete, sealers are applied on the pattern to cover it. Also the parts of the concrete surface not engraved should be applied with a sealer. It helps give the surfaces a shiny new look.

Painting – painting concrete is not an easy task as painting other surfaces like wood. This is because concrete could be rough and therefore it is porous – if the surface has not been plastered. To paint the surface first you need to clean it thoroughly to remove all the dirt on it. Cleaning also helps to expose the pores. After cleaning apply a sealer on the wall. A sealer will help to seal the exposed pores. This will help to make the wall less porous to the paint. The sealer also helps to prevent moisture from leaking in from the other side of the wall and therefore destroying the paint used. After applying the sealer, apply another coat called a primer. Primers are thicker than sealers and help in leveling the surface if it were not level. Let the primer to dry and finally apply the paint. Most primer colors will match the paint color so that the wall becomes well colored. If they are different then the primer could only be a color lighter than the paint so that the paint can easily cover it.

Concrete dyes – they are available in any color you can possibly think of and more that you do not even know of. They are easy to mix and use and offer concrete the pomp and color that you are looking for. They appear brighter than stains. For example if you applied a brown stain and a brown dye to depict wood on a surface, the dyes are brighter and much better than stains. They do not react with the concrete therefore they can be changed easily. Some are water based and are therefore only used indoors. Dyes are gaining a lot of popularity in Arizona.

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