How To add Romance to Your Life With Feng Shui

How To add Love to Your Life With Feng Shui

Though it is not generally realised, a Feng Shui life could in fact help to boost your love life. Love and love is as much a part of many people’ lives as food and air; so it makes good sense that not having the proper circulation of power in your life may impact the romance in your life too.

There are areas of your home that may affect your lovemaking, such as the ideal rear edge of your residence. This is your relationship edge. Along with this, the bed room is likewise a partnership area. If you use some standard Feng Shui life methods to these areas of your residence, you will be more successful at drawing in the right type of love power into your life.

The very first point you have to do is reduce all connections that you are maintaining around to past connections. This might consist of old letters, presents or images. These things are nothing more than a suggestion of a satisfied time that not exists. This alone, can bring unhappiness and also bad power into your life.

Even if you are solitary, established your residence as if a couple resides in it. With the Feng Shui life this is a means of bring in the energy that will bring love right into your atmosphere. Do not congest your house with your personal stuff, leaving no room for one more. This induces a perspective that you have no room in your life for an additional individual.
On top of that, you must remove all things from the relationship locations of your residence that might distract you from focusing on romance. This may include work relevant items, televisions etc. Simply move these challenge other locations of your home.
Eliminate a few of the singular items in these areas as well as replace them with matching pairs. This may include things such as candles, pillows and so on. You intend to draw in the energy for couples, not singles.

Include some pink to the relationship locations of your house. In the Feng Shui life, the shade pink holds love energy. Pink roses or anything pink in these locations can help include some love to your life.

These are simply some really basic steps you can comply with to include some love to your life with the idea of the Feng Shui life. Try it; you just may be stunned at just how much enhancement you see.

Myths About Polyamory

Myths associated with polyamorous relationships


A myth can be defined as an exaggerated way of expressing an idea or conception that may not necessarily be true. From the ancient times, the myths have existed in the form of stories. Many revolved around mysterious creatures and happenings. However, these are the only known stories by many since they were the only appropriate stories by then. However, other myths exist. Myths exist about marriages and relationships too. Some are true some are not. It is good to note that human beings coin myths as a result of their experiences and observations from the environment. Polyamorous relationships have myths too.

Myths associated with polyamorous relationships

Love is limitless: polyamorous individuals believe that their love depot is inexhaustible. This is what makes these people have a desire to love more and more. In the real sense, such may not be the case. Consider a country that has millions of people. It is illogical to argue that an individual can manage to be intimate to all of them. Love requires commitment that will involve resources and time a person cannot manage to use all his or her time with all these individuals. Those new to Polyamory

Poly people are free from jealousy: human nature is full of jealousy and people in polyamorous relationships are not immune to it either. No individuals can see their partners in an intimate compromising position and go to cheer them. Polyamorous individuals just try to cope with the situation but not free from jealousy.

The participants are more honest: honesty is the pillar stone to any relationship. It’s honesty that leads to trust among individuals. Therefore, poly people just practice what the society and norms require. There is no way an individual can argue to be more honest for practicing multiple intimate relationships. However, polyamorous relationships require honesty as one of its building blocks.

It’s a cure for cheating: there are numerous reasons why people cheat. Some cheat to revenge on their partners while others are just lustful. Therefore, it’s somehow wrong to say that polyamorous relationships are a cure to cheating.


Polyamorous relationships are characterized by several more myths which all try to prove the relationships right or wrong. Of importance is for the people practicing it to live by their set principles.


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