9 thoughts on “#88 Feeling the pain when losing a loved one… Time for me to finally grieve

  1. My prayer is that you will follow the grieving all the way through for your
    brother..to be able to remember the good times. I miss both my parents
    terribly and even now little things cross my mind which bring back the loss
    to mind. So don’t feel bad about feeling this way.

  2. **Sigh**, I am so sorry to hear this. What you are feeling now is the sting
    of death. It can come at any time. What you’re feeling now has to run it’s
    course. Continue praying for strength and read God’s Word daily. But always
    keep in mind that all of are dying because of inherited sin. But death does
    not have to be the end because God has promised a resurrection (John 5:28)
    especially for those who lived their lives in harmony with his Will and
    righteous standards. So your friend could be….

  3. I’m praying for your strength, so that you may get through this difficult
    time. God doesn’t put more on us that we can bare. Love you and sending a
    really big hug your way!

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