25 thoughts on “Beautiful song about losing a loved one – “Wings Of A Butterfly”

  1. To my sweet loving Moe Roshannai…. your flying high. ..soaring with the
    angels. .. your always in my heart. Your pain is gone. I miss you and
    always loving you. Tina Joonet

  2. My White Cloud flew away 6 days ago, New Years Eve, 2013. The selenite
    crystal that he brought me from Tunisia & sprayed with my Eternity, now
    rests over his heart in a grave that I wish I could join. He was my White
    Cloud & I, his butterfly. I long to feel his presence. The pain is so

  3. hi, this is a beautiful and i was thinking of doing a cover of it in memory
    of my cousin, could you possibly make an instrumental of it? thank you!

  4. This song is for you Nana, these past 2 days have been so hard.
    I fucking hate Cancer, so much I just wish I could have one last cuddle and
    to hear you say ‘love you’ one last time <3 Sleep tight my precious

    So let your soul go to heaven on the wings of a butterfly
    One day we'll meet again in heaven and we'll fly like that butterfly

  5. My brother died in the emergency room after a fatal car wreck. It’s been a
    very long time ago. Back in 1990. I was only five years old then. The
    pain never goes away.

  6. Fuck all these screwed up politicts. We all know that there is a cure for
    cancer its just that if they realsed it, it would put all of the doctors
    and hospitals out of bussines so fuck the government fuck all the fake
    cancer shit fuck money and fuck cancer.

  7. A few days ago my cousin was murdered for no reason somebody took him from
    us and we have no answers this is a bad dream that I can never wake up from
    I will never again get to hug him or tell him I love him. ….. why God

  8. This songs makes me think about and miss the beloved ones I had to send to
    heaven. And the beloved ones I sent to heaven that I think about and miss
    everyday. Are my four pets and my grandma.

  9. Not to long ago my 19year old sister died because of diabetes and half of
    her brain stroked out so this song really touched and helped me;.<

  10. I lost my love 10 years ago (he died while windsurfing happily). In the
    evening I sat
    on the sand, looked over the water and thought about something like the
    wings of a butterfly, flying strait to heaven. – I love your song, Jimmy!

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