24 thoughts on “Brazil 2014: The Pain оf Losing [ Sad Brazilians ]

  1. Seriously how can you as a Brasilian burn the Yersey of Neymar !!’ that is
    in my Opinion shameful , nö Player deserves this also Not Brasilian Team! 

  2. Oh nooo – the poor old man in the end of the video. I am German and I am
    proud that we defeated all the other teams and became world champions, but
    Brazil did not deserve such a humilation. I cheered on every goal that day,
    but in hindsight it hit the Brazilians very hard, harder than they deserved
    in their own country.
    But well, we kicked Argentinia out as well, so stand up Brazil the days
    will become brighter again 😉 :D

  3. It’s only football …. People in brazil are starving, they don’t have
    hospital or public transport … The world really need to reconcider its

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