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  1. Hi Ali, The background music you are hearing is only a sample of what the
    music sounds like so you can hear the different choices. The download
    itself (if ordered) includes the background music to the entire song.

  2. I have written and uploaded to YouTube a pet-loss song/video that might
    also bring you comfort. It’s entitled “Rainbow Bridge”, fashioned after the
    well known poem. Beautiful song with a message….

  3. just want to thank you for this song it really help me a lot and help me
    recover from the lost of my father. He died because of cancer and it was
    really difficult to accept that he is gone forever and we can’t see him
    anymore but when one of my nephew make a video for my father as tribute and
    use this song to be the background music I realized that it is better that
    he take a rest because he will have no more pain and someday we will see
    each other again. I Love you tatay and I miss you……………….

  4. I lost my best friend of 11 years to a sudden brain hemorrhage in the
    night. it took all I had to not completely break down at his funeral.
    rest in peace 

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. My poppaw died 3 year in April. He was a dad
    figure to me cause my dad passed when I was 4. Im really missing them both
    right now cause Im turning 15 in 13 days and I cant get my learners. I wish
    I could just see them one last time. Love you poppaw and daddy!! ♥♥

  6. On September 6th 2013, I lost my husband JERRY after a very difficult and
    painful battle with lung cancer. He succumbed to the enormous complications
    from MANYsurgeries. On the day he died, I asked that he wait for me, and he
    nodded he would. He told me, he loved me, gave me a weak hug then removed
    his oxygen mask; he died in my arms less than a minute later.
    I had never heard this song before today, and I asked Jerry for a sign that
    he is still with me, I was led to this song, and it was a perfect way for
    him to verify that he loves me and will wait at heaven’s door for me as
    promised. I LOVE AND MISS HIM SO MUCH, but am glad he is out of pain. What
    a beautiful, touching song.
    Thank you for writing it.

  7. I am 11 and have gone through more loss in my years than most adults will
    in thier lifetime. This song kills me so much. I am literally sobbing my
    eyes out, which is something I NEVER DO. thefe is somefhing about this song

  8. If i had the time,
    i would give you,
    my heart my world,
    around me like it turns.

    Don`t cry fore me,
    because i was,
    let your memory,
    never get lost.

    I hold you,
    in my arms,
    let you feel,
    you are loved.

    My body is sick,
    mind is free,
    let me go now,
    don`t you see.

    I am better now,
    there is a place,
    my spirit is free,
    feel the worm embrace.

    Thanks for all of you,
    standing by my side,
    also for your shoulders,
    when i want to cry.

    White love frome me and gabriel

    “DON’T CRY FOR ME” COMFORTING CHRISTIAN FUNERAL SONG http://www.libbyallensongs.com

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