9 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor – Loss – by Richard Bassett

  1. Loss is hard, D. Sometimes you never get over it, but sometimes you do not
    want to get over it and that is OK. You keep the memory close to your
    heart. :-), Richard Bassett

  2. Beautiful but really sad video. Perfect music selection… Also I’ve
    stopped believing that fame and money could shield people from loss a long
    time ago. Because famous or non-famous I believe deep down we are basically
    all the same…

  3. Again…a very special video for me. I watch it often…and cry at my own
    work. Can you imagine? I cry at my own creations, like someone else has
    done them. It has to be with being in a zone while putting it all together.
    It is so hard to explain. Richard Bassett

  4. The lady is great!! I have always admired her…I remember when I was but a
    pre-teen or thereabouts & a “rag magazine” was saying something about
    Ms.Taylor’s children. She sued & won, saying: Say what you will about
    ME..,But leave my children out!! …more or less to that effect. From then
    on I always had love/respect & admiration for the lady & still do!..

  5. Thanks for this video…So moving!!! So many of the people I have admired
    over the years, Elizabeth, Natalie, Audrey, Rock, James, Grace. May they
    all rest in peace!!!

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