25 thoughts on “EuphoriaHeaven Project 1: Pain of Death

  1. WAAAH what a great collab i love the Fashion, KKHH, Ghajini, Awarapan the
    most ๐Ÿ™‚ but all sooo amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ its greeat i find ๐Ÿ˜‰ im waiting for the
    next ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. OHMYGOD ; you guys have done SUCH an amazing job at this .. imma’ actually
    analyse it all ! firstly Mrin ! oh wow .. i always find it most difficult
    to start off a collab if i’m doing the intro and oh WOW . i think this has
    been done SOOOO WELLL that omg .. i absolutely LOVE PiggyChops & Kangana
    and to see THIS ! WOW . <33 it's liek a beautiful sapna ! WOW .. the part
    was so well done that OMG .. and i LOVED how you added the flashbacks !
    Absolutely GORGEOUS (:

  3. continued* YT and its stupid character-count -.- Anywho. So as I was
    saying, a job done well by all! And an amazing intro/outro you both! Thank
    youu for giving me a chance to be a part of this amazing group <3

  4. then Alishba’s part with Emraan and Shreya .. i admit that i HATE Emraan
    and i dont really know Shreya and his couple but OHMYWOW .. the way in
    which it was so on beat and how it was so PEFECT .. i realised that the
    music actually became faster and i LOVED how you dealt with it ๐Ÿ˜€
    absolutely amazing (: and the first scene of that one part actually sucked
    me in so much further to the collab because i LOVED the how well the lyrics
    went with the scene ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  5. i’m guessing the next part was by Sanjana ? ๐Ÿ˜› umm yes anywayyss ; so
    Shahid and Kareena .. OH WOW ! i actually dislike Kareena but ahhh .. WOW
    .. the way in which you portrayed Shahid’s feelings for her after her death
    was AMAZING ! <3 each single scene showed LOVE and compassion which was
    beautiful ! and then when he tries to kill himself oh .. it's so depressing
    :'( i dont know what to say ! the way in which he dreams of her whilst he's
    in hospital was beautiful ! (: <3

  6. Tani’s Surya and Asin part was one to never be forgotten .. i loved the
    beginning where it was so nostalgic and the part was so beautifully done !
    the way in which it showed their struggle throughout how they loved and
    cherished each other was gorgeous . and then the part where he sees her
    angel was just angelic ! it was so realistic that i actually screamed when
    i saw the knife in her back =| ๐Ÿ™ the way in which it was portrayed through
    the use of motion blur was gorgeous ! <3

  7. the fashion scenes were fantastic!!! great beggining..if the beginning is
    that wonderful obviously the entire thing had to be a success!! arnav and
    khushi scene i didnt expect because they didnthave that kind of a scene as
    yet but the way it was portrayed was praiseworthy:)shahid and kareena
    part…omg…very sad and nicely executed. the geet scene..omg when that
    scene was aired for that 1 week i was crying my eyes off and today too!!
    the voice over made it even better!!

  8. basically all the parts were fab and this is an amazing collab group you
    have!! looking forward for more in the future!! and congratulations on your
    first successful collab and for gaining a sub and lots of love from

  9. FINALLLLYY ; i just wanna thank you guys for making this group to deal with
    such issues and i wanna say that it was so well done that there is not a
    single defining word to describe each emotion i went through whilst
    watching this .. Mrin ; your last part and the voice-over of Priyanka
    literally made me re-watch the whole part 20 times . the memories and her
    break-down and then the funeral .. asbolutely stunning . you guys are my
    guide to life and i thank you once again ; <3

  10. WOWW ๐Ÿ˜ this was really really good! it was so beautifully made! EVERYONE’S
    part was just AMAZING! i lovee the concept you guys came up with and the
    song just adds a cherry on top LOL. seriously, this was really emotional.
    ahh i lovee sad collabs and vms LOLL. keep up with the great work guys! i
    cant wait for the next collab you guys come up with <33 muaaah!

  11. @KasuPremeer Aaaah just because it’s the great Lana…I’ll HAVE to reply to
    you lol. First of all thank you so much for showing your support to us even
    when you have such an amazing MEP yourself. I’m so very glad that you liked
    our work & the concepts. I look forward to anything from BlissfullDesireMEP
    and maybe someday we can even collide and make something together
    hahah…just a thought! -Mrin (o8nova)

  12. haye! koi toh rok lo!! OMFGGGGG!! i LOVE this!! meem and everyone who
    worked together…this is OUT OF THE WORLD! loving it…the song n scenes
    were amazingly in sync!! keep it up! you must feel like “the king of the
    worlds”:P i know i quoted SRK:P

  13. OMG you guys… I am just speechless.. I have like no words this was just
    too painful. ๐Ÿ™ seriously rani and salman one and armaan and mini’s one
    just touched my heart so badly, I cant get enough of it.. ๐Ÿ™ and the geet
    one I am not even gonna say anything for it. just a whole loads of tears.
    :'( every single bit of this vm is just too touching..

  14. wow, everyone should be really proud of themselves for producing this. It
    was wonderfully edited and really emotional. Each segment was amazing, but
    stand-out ones for me were Geet and KHN. They really brought tears to my

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