25 thoughts on “Get Rid of LOWER BACK FAT and PAIN (Must Watch for Men!)

  1. I have some lower back fat but you don’t really see it unless you pinch it.
    I’m pretty okay with how it looks, but it could definitely be better. Good

  2. Jeff, how do you feel about combining INTERMITTENT FASTING with a protein
    shake and fish oil every three hours to get lean and stay in positive
    hydrogen balance?

  3. weak and/or tight hamstrings too guys. I had lower back problems last year
    in high school and i figured out it was due to having tight hamstrings(bad
    stretching job and didn’t work them out like i should have.) But, was an
    athlete too, so that played a major role also. Romanian deadlifts guys !!! 

  4. I heard a doctor speaking about low back pain, who said that much of it is
    caused by inflammation — of ligaments, or of a particular ligament. (He
    says that even disc abnormalities uncovered by an MRI may actually not be
    the source of pain, as a large percentage of people without back pain have
    such abnormalities.) I wonder how the idea of inflammation as a cause of
    pain intersects with the idea of weak low-back muscles as a contributing

    UPDATE: Tried both of those two low-cable exercises. They’re outstanding,
    and my back-day routine will forever incorporate them. Thanks! (LATER:
    Tried the other two good exercises as well, but on a BOSU.)

  5. this is too crazy… i got a serious pain in my lower back yesterday and
    searched google and stuff. and now this video is uploaded. so this was only
    for me? thanks ;)

  6. I agree you should work the lower back and really all muscles for the best
    physique, but not to get rid of back pain. Elliot Hulse said the exact
    opposite of this. That if you have back pain it is because your lower back
    has an excessive curve usually from working at a computer all day and the
    abs get weak forcing the lower back to compensate. He said to work more on
    your transverse abdominals by doing planks as well as stretch hip flexors
    and working on your middle traps to keep your thoracic spine correctly
    aligned to get rid of the excessive curve.

    I personally used to work lower back muscles for back pain, but after
    listening to Elliot’s argument I decided to try out what he suggested. Been
    a couple years now and back pain free! Only if I sit too long will it get
    uncomfortable, but easy to do the right stretches and workouts to feel good

  7. I’ve been told that low back pain is caused by weak glutes and a overload
    on the back caused by too much visceral fat at the waist. Therefore the
    glutes and hams get worked to help the lower back and the waist gets
    whittled by diet and kettle swings (or powerblock swings). Valid? 

  8. Jeff great video. Can you show the most effective lower chest exercise ? I
    need to focus on my lower chest because it is lacking a lot in a
    hypertrophy way.

  9. Elliot Hulse says the low back pain may be your back working TOO hard, it’s
    very strong, it’s your abs and your ham strings that are weak due to a
    posterior pelvic tilt.

  10. the reason i have lower back pain is because i have a sacralization of the
    fifth lumbar spine,,basically my hip is fused with my fifth lumbar… im
    18,,, it fucking sucks….

  11. Lower back fat is fucking annoying!! I like the way I look at 204lbs. I
    have a 4 pack and I still have some size. …EXCEPT for the lower back fat,
    which forces me to get down to 190lbs, where I feel I look too small.

    My brother-in-law’s genetics let him be somewhat fatty with hardly any of
    it going to his lower back. I definitely hate on people like that. Lol

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