25 thoughts on “Pain & Loss Encouragement – Ethel 2001-2012

  1. The seventeen happiest years of my life were spent with my companion cat.
    No one actually knows how you are feeling, but I do know I felt. I thank
    you for sharing this touching and very personal story with us. Jim

  2. You must truly be about the most heartless person ever in real life to have
    made a comment like this. I pity you and can only hope that you will
    improve upon such a nasty attitude.

  3. sorry for your loss it is deffinatly never easy to go through loosig
    someone who is close and dear to your heart but when your feeling sad and
    down just remember that they are always with you wherever you are and that
    our Heavenly Father God is taking care of them and that they are being
    protected and that they are one with God.

  4. Glad to see you staying strong, Ethel’s in a better place! I’ve been going
    through some problems myself, so I know how you feel. Stay active man –

  5. I won’t lie, this made me upset. This girl I completely love, I kinda asked
    her if she would like to be more than friends and now she is giving me a
    lecture on how it’ll be a distant relationship because she will be busy and
    stuff. Ha so I literally got played as it seems she lied and never did want
    to date further.

  6. My pet is very sick, gonna take him to the vet tomorrow so he can fall
    asleep…. I was so sad and cried when I saw that you had uploaded this
    video… Feel better now.. You’re a great guy and watching your videos
    always makes me feel better, thank you so much Dre.

  7. ๐Ÿ™ just have to think about the positive in the sad situations! I did my
    share of crying when I saw Dre’s twitter post, and I tried to be there for
    him because it’s rough!

  8. So say if your best friend ever unfortunately passes away, I’ll just say
    “its a friend, get over it, there’s a lot of friends you can meet out
    there”. Either way, it hurts…

  9. hey buddy, i know it must hurt. I just went through the same thing. All I
    can say is to hang in there. For me, Nothing totally took the pain away
    when my dog died. but it does help to stay active. Make sure to hang around
    those who love you and are most close with you. Hang out with your friends
    a lot. And for the time being, just love up on your cat and enjoy every
    second you get with him. Rejoice and just enjoy everyday as they come. Just
    focus and enjoy today.

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