10 thoughts on “Read DB ● 4 Lives & The pain of losing a loved one ● Theme Based.

  1. YOU KNOW WHAT? I love this superb video. It is perfect in everything. Be it
    the concept, scenes way of showing the pain of someone’s death specially
    someone whom you love immensely. And definetly that coloring.. I love how
    you showed a SAD sequence in everyone’s life when someone dies.. Really
    beautiful done. Nidhi, darling, I’m proud of this video and your work. <3
    Amazing. You should do more sad VIDEOS. It touched my heart, thode aasoon
    bhi nikle. :') Beautiful <3

  2. Awh, Fatema I cant thank you enough for your lovely comment, you made my
    day, naw my night ^^. Dudee, thank you for noticing everything. & yes I’ll
    make sad videos lolol 😀 Thank you again, means alot to me :’D♥

  3. You know what? This is so so so good, Amazing concept. andi seriously
    cried. Kia tha ye, totally touched my heart. sab dard ek e dafa main de

  4. holy. MS. NIDHI. >:( fuck youuuu for making such an emotional bideo mayn
    D’: kya gaana hai .. kya scenes hai .. wah wah. no but really. It’s great
    that you’re experimenting cause tbh, you’re just great at everything you
    do. All the scenes were perfectly picked and it really brought out the
    lyrics of the song. The Ra.One was reaaaally well done with all the
    flashbacks + Kareena crying. ♥

  5. Then, holymotheroflord. YOU DID NOT. you used tere naam! :O :O :O :O
    ohmygodddd i have to say that i can’t bear to watch it the 2nd time. That
    did it for me. It was one of the most saddest movies of the century. I was
    sitting there awestruck because i just remembered how much that movie
    struck me. Its so beautifully done, Nidhi. can’t stop saying it. Ghajini
    also, another one of the saddest movies. tch. Fabulous choices jaan. ♥

  6. Oh teri 😐 Yashi, my jaan. you do know, I love reading your comments ^^ So
    first of all thank you so so much for noticing every single detail in this
    bideo 😉 & yes the ‘Ra.one’ bit was my fav :’) Shank you :3♥

  7. Haw I did use ‘Tere naam’ 😮 Lolol ^^ Sowies, it was quite emotional making
    it *wipes a tear* *sniff* Tere naam was indeed quite depressing 😐 & thank
    you so much. Made my day for sure xD♥

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