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  1. I’ve always been very proud of the fact that I was the first man he had a
    relationship with, that grew into a friendship that is everlasting. Funny
    I looked much like my profile pic on here when we met in a bar on Santa
    Monica Blvd. He thought I was a girl till I spoke and removed all
    doubt…LOL. He was a true friend and you could depend on him, he was warm
    and fuzzy with the most infectious laugh I’d ever heard. He met my friends
    and fit right in he truly developed a love for Anna Mae that was so
    beautiful and she became a member of his family. I was not jealous, I’d
    already married into the family, I was the first of several X’s..LOL..!!
    He attacked life with a vengeance and wanted to do everything to the
    fullest and he did, you could not do something with him and be
    bored….that was not happening. He’d say something like, “lets just go
    for an adventure” and he’d name somewhere or ask me to name a place, anyway
    we’d go laughing all the way, off on the adventure. But in reality he had
    a presence of Love and Lightheartedness that he exuded and shared with the
    Universe. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of something
    silly we did together, or some funny thing that happened at one of our many
    “Family Get Togethers” from @ 1970 till @ 1982 when we lost our first
    friend to AIDS Bob Lopez .! This was a tribute done by his niece Lisa, he
    came home one day after being with his family and showed me a pic of a
    little cutie sitting on a bathroom sink with an image of him taking the
    photo in the mirror. He said to me “this is my niece Lisa, isn’t she HOT”
    and I had to agree she was and still is HOT…. Uncle David LOVES you
    Lisa…beautiful tribute….!

  2. AIDS WALK 2014 – Sunday October 12th

    Dare to be an impact ~ Help me fight for a cure!

    The reason I walk….

    Over the years I’ve learned that some people work through the pain of
    losing a loved one by talking about them and remembering the good times,
    others shed a lot of tears, and still others bottle up those tears forever.
    My tribute to them is to share my feelings and reflections of them in my
    writing and by donating my time to the cause.

    I was a senior in High School when I found out my Uncle Jimmy was HIV
    positive. The world was in the midst of a catastrophic epidemic that not
    only carried with it death and disease but fear and humiliation as well. I
    was careful to disclose this information to very few close friends; you
    know who you are.

    There were so many stigmas and panic surrounding the disease that
    misinformation abounded; some people still thought that AIDS could be
    contracted from sitting on a toilet seat. It was painful to watch my
    vibrant and boisterous uncle deteriorate as this disease progressed into
    AIDS and eventually caused him succumb to the disease on April 20, 1995.
    We (my Grandmother, Mother, both sisters and I) were his caregivers and
    took turns each day to care for his every need. I lost my uncle to AIDS
    over 19 years ago yet the pain of my loss is still as fresh in my mind and
    heart as it was the day it happened. His hands, his smile, and his
    boisterous laugh are the things that have stayed with me through the years.
    He influenced and loved so many people and he had a profound impact on me.
    I watched helplessly as my family sank into a depression from which we
    have still not fully recovered.

    After my uncle’s death, I was struggling with my loss and had no one to
    talk to about this devastating experience. I didn’t even know anyone who
    would even begin to understand the pain that my family and I were going
    through. Fortunately, I discovered the APLA Bereavement Counseling group
    in North Hollywood. I became involved a group that was predominantly gay
    and made up of people who had lost their partners to AIDS. Joining this
    group was the best thing I could have done after losing my uncle. This
    group helped me to begin the healing process and to become a more active
    participant in the community that was so dear to my beloved uncle.

    Uncle Jimmy walks with me every day, in every decision I make, and in every
    possible way. I walked him through his last breath and I hope when it is my
    time he will be by my side to walk with me through mine. My hope is that I
    can be half as amazing as my Uncle Jimmy and that my presence on this earth
    benefits others in some small way. I want the people I leave behind to be
    better off because they knew me and hope that I can influence them in a
    positive way.

    Participating in AIDS Walk Los Angeles has helped me heal and honor Uncle
    Jimmy’s memory with the entire AIDS Walk Los Angeles community. As I walk
    with tens of thousands of people every year, my belief grows stronger that
    we can make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

    I walk for those who can no longer walk with me.

    I love you Uncle Jimmy!

    hope to see you on Sunday, October 12!

    Lisa Watson Personal Website to visit my personal web page and help me in
    my efforts to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles

    Uncle Jimmy Mertz Team Page to visit my team web page and help me in my
    efforts to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles

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    may not appear to work. If so, copy and paste the following into your
    Personal : Lisa Watson (Team Captain)

    Team : Uncle Jimmy Mertz Team Page

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