25 thoughts on “YOU WOULDN’T CRY by Mandissa (Aldrich & James cover)

  1. Oh so beautiful!!! When I hear you speak, then sing.. I feel the presence
    of GOD in your lives.. May God continue His good work in both of YOU!! <3

  2. Excellent choice of song. Aldrich’s voice and singing exude hope and
    And James’ guitar playing is understatedly elegant as always.

  3. I couldn’t stop crying because I was overwhelmed by the Spirit of God and
    His goodness and kindness toward us. How merciful is our Father to provide
    a home for us with Him for all eternity. I hope you put this song on your
    CD. I can’t wait until it comes out! Blessings in the mighty name of Jesus
    Christ our Savior and God.

  4. Flawless absolutely flawless! Thank you for making this and the dedication
    at the beginning just made it all the more beautiful! All the best and God
    bless 🙂 

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