8 thoughts on “Marriage Counseling – What To Do When You’re No Longer Attracted To Your Spouse?

  1. ‘ hi dana, manfriend / husband want a lady leave her natural face without a
    makeup chair, he want her use 2 flat sole shoes without 2 high WTC heels,
    he want love her and not let her use his wallet, he want her spend time
    with him and support him, he want her lot of love with him and service him
    everyday / everynight, he dont want her bossy, jealousy, nanny, pushy,
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  2. my husbend is keep fighting me quite often there is no solution ,on and off
    i am feeling very low sometime.i am not enjoying my life .i feeling
    depressed i need help i have a child .he treating not fairly fighting with
    some small mistakes thats makes me annoying .

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  4. I have a question for doctor Dana Fillmore, my problem is that when i first
    met my wife 10 years ago i was not attracted to her, but i decided to still
    go out with her because she was very friendly and a nice person, i told her
    i didnt think of her as a lover, but she didnt care and told me to give her
    a chance, so i did, i got comfortable and we even got married because of
    other interests. Now I always second guess my self and wonder if I can ever
    feel attracted to her, and make it work. Thanks

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  6. Thanks a lot for this wonderful video!

    I was fighting with my spouse every day and it was affecting my children.

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