25 thoughts on “Temptation Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Full Movie Trailer!

  1. How does acting “SOUND” like shit? Perhaps the SCRIPT sounds like shit. the
    actors make the film. idk I liked both. I’m intrigued. I LOVE Robbie Jones;
    the cast alone makes me eager to see this film.

  2. This is why you shouldnt date black men…they either can’t remember your
    birthday, cant please you in bed, have stds or turn out to be
    abusive…leave black men alone.

  3. that’s the ones YOU date honey. so don’t get mad if you’ve been playing
    YOURSELF like a stereotype. you get back exactly what you put out.

  4. believe me,it sure looks weird with kim acting,first sex video,them reality
    show as if that money is not enough,now acting,it sure looks weird,it like
    i do see her everyday when watching him show so her acting does increase my
    expectation of her but maybe when d film is out then i can comment finally.

  5. How disrespectful . STFU ABOUT KIM . This shit isnt even about her . She
    doesnt even have a star role , let alone a BIG role -.-
    Stfu , get off her dick , & enjoy the MOVIE . Smh 

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