25 thoughts on “Ptr. Ed Lapiz – Elements of Romance.

  1. I can’t help but laugh and cry because of this wonderful message from a
    wonderful man of God..Thank you Lord..I am indeed encourage to became a
    Godly and loving wife to my future husband someday. Married and single must
    hear this.Thank you also to the uploader..You are such a blesing…

  2. PASTor Ed .thnx for ur encouragement, the lord blessed u and ur family more
    power to u,and continues share the word of god,let the fire of God annoint

  3. How do you accept Jesus Christ in your life?By transgressing his
    commandments and his will.We do saying that we are following Jesus Christ
    but we refused to accept his only real image.If we see it everywhere,we
    accused it of an idol.How could a real one be an idol?Jesus,when he let
    people see him,is an ordinary man,very ordinary.He started his life in
    carpentry works,looking not for life soaring into a new lifestyles but made
    his steady truthfulness to what ability he had while he was still a ..

  4. a man.His greatness keep growing everyday until the day he was so amazing
    to all.He did not study any books about God but he can teach more than any
    teacher when he grow older than he was a mature man.Only the guidance of
    his father is what he anticipated strong.all teachers of God laws is to all
    to their amaze when he started teaching them all the right things not only
    to each life but to the world.When they see that what they have teaching is
    unworthy,they make ways to rid Jesus to their eyes

  5. thank you Pastor Ed lapiz,.. God used you mightily lahat po ng message nyo
    is God’s breath dami ko natutunan.. to God be the glory! thank you ulit

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