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  1. Apart from what dana said, one thing eqyally important is Blind faith in
    each other.So much so that nothing can shake that..And saying more than
    once a day is I love you.& showing it also through Gestures lkie Touching,
    Holding hands & so on.

  2. I hav been with my fiance for 10 months. It seems like for the last 3
    months all we hav done is argue. Argue about arguing. I know we r better
    than this. I want to know what we r doing wrong.

  3. @musicdraganfly g friend, he dont deserve u. if he can’t aperciate u, than
    mabey it’s time to move along. If all u 2 do is argue, than how can u spend
    your life in happy merige?

  4. i have been in a relationship 15yrs now and love my mate, however my mate
    started lying to me 3 yrs ago about some things that were possible wrong
    doing toward our relationship, i was very hurt then by it and still am hurt
    by the lying. i love this person but dont feel i can trust them and frankly
    want out but i am disabled and have no money now or nowhere to go and would
    like to move but i am stuck finacially with them…can you tell me what to
    possibly do?

  5. All relationships are challenged by circumstances and social influences.
    They fail if they are not managed with care and consideration of the other
    person’s feelings. The mismanagement of these relationships ultimately
    bring grief and pain to all the people involved. Seek to manage your
    relationships with care and consideration of the other person’s needs.
    Recognize that sometimes you cannot repair the errors of your past; however
    today is the first day of the rest of your life.~Ervin Jackson

  6. What have your experiences been with Counseling? This is painful.. Picking
    a counselor is murder… OK the questions for a Marriage Counselor
    according to ME is…
    1 – Are You Married? And how long have you been married? Hell, If they are
    not married what do they know?
    2 – What’s your Education? In other words,,, what gives you the right to
    tell me what to do?
    3 – What’s your Religious Beliefs? Talk about a brick hanging over your
    head… all the Counselors advice to you comes from their core beliefs and
    Morals and even society norms…

    OK that’s about it for me… I think I would rather be recircumcised than
    go through this …!!! But I’m doing it anyway.. Tomorrow… OH JOY!!

    Male circumcision is the surgical removal of some or all of the foreskin
    (prepuce) from the penis.

    Ya that, tells you how I feel about all this….

  7. I am only married for a few months short of 4 years. It is my husbands
    second and my first marriage. I am soon to be 55 and he is 66. I feel like
    he lives in a hotel all of his finances are separate and we argue over
    alimony and the enabling to partner too for his 33 year old non working
    daughter. I am giving up. He doesn’t see any of this nor believes in

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  11. What is one to do when 8 hours a week is impossible because the husband
    works away for 3 months at a time. I really want this to work but after 16
    years I am feeling resentful and just plain mad. Trying to talk about it
    doesn’t work as he feels guilty and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.
    The one person I should be able to talk to doesn’t want to hear what I have
    to say. I just emailed him a heartfelt letter. When he has cell signal I
    hope he calls. 🙁

  12. I agree, it’s dating that keeps romance alive. Not when your husband (no
    ex) is dating someone else though. I think if two people are really
    committed they make time somehow..

  13. I hope your letter works..sometimes romance over the phone and by letter is
    possible..especially for penpals and long distant relationships so it might
    work for you. And when he comes home you could make it romantic. It is a
    shame he has to work away though.

  14. I need help, My wife told me “”Im not going to think about it im done and
    stop messaging everyone i know or i will file harassment charges and get a
    restraining order if necessary” How can I change her decision?

  15. Thanks a lot for this wonderful video!

    I was fighting with my spouse every day and it was affecting my children.

    my ex-friend asked me to use this “wifetrack” mobile app which helps to
    record and report all behaviors of the spouse which can be discussed and
    this brought in lots of factual discussions and avoided all imaginary

    I am lot more happy now!

  16. Your theory wont work because you’d have to force the both of them to spend
    time together when we know that don’t want to. Leftist garbage NEXT

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