1. yes I loved the trailer i def wanna go n see it..Journee is amazing she
    killed Eves Bayou an she did a great job in great debaters she neds more
    roles she and lawrence are great actors..

  2. Just goes to show how women are just like men. They are content with what
    they have until the so called next best thing comes along and then they
    jump ship quicker than lightning! TP is keeping it real this time.

  3. Those of you who are saying that you’re not going to see this movie cuz Kim
    Kardashian is in it are being kinda silly because the movie is NOT about
    her. Jurnee Smollet is playing the main role so it’s unlikely that Kim
    Kardashian will even to be in the movie THAT much.

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  5. LOL actually I’ve seen one episode and her and the mom are the least
    likeable out of the family the only half way normal ones are pig nose which
    I believe is khloe ­čśŤ and the brother the rest are a bunch of wack jobs.

  6. Women also want what other women have or want. If a man cannot garner the
    attention of other women…..they will not be desirable. The threat that
    another woman can take her man is exciting to a woman.

  7. Describe the film in one or two words. Deciding between which Denzel or
    Tyler’s movies kept me awake feel this is the best one. I don’t feel he’s
    doing the same movies over and over again, if Drama, or Comedy is his huge
    interests, then let Tyler break the box office with what he knows. I feel
    he need’s to explore other genres in the film business because although I
    don’t agree. Although it’s new and fresh, I still feel it’s something that
    we’ve already seen before.

  8. I really don’t know how to explain it but you need to look at it and see
    for yourself. Plus her butt was nowhere near that big before and all of a
    sudden she’s got this gigantic ass. Like c’mon.

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    think´╗┐ you’ll find it funny.

  10. I stand CORRECTED, Red Tails AIN’T the WORST movie of the 21st century.
    Tyler Perry may have found a place in the film industry but he is at best a
    3rd rate movie producer of dull & meaningless movies. The dialogue is
    painstakingly slow & agonizingly witless. Perry is a mediocre filmmaker who
    should stop writing & directing his own movies. If he wants to get behind
    the camera, do so, but do it with a cell phone. I literally SCREAMED at my
    TV set hoping that would help the acting.

  11. Tearjerker my ass! It’ll have you in tears alright … tears of PAIN caused
    by a brain aneurism if you dare watch this flick. I rather be water-boarded
    than to watch this movie again.

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