25 thoughts on “Temptation Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Tyler Perry Movie HD

  1. Damn, they just told the entire story…
    The girl is living a boring life with her husband so she start cheating on
    him with the rich boy and finaly quit her husband fror the rich boy. Then
    the rich boy starts practicing his left jab on the girl face so she go back
    to her ex, he see that she got beaten so he go to the rich boy house to
    beat the crap out of him. And the husband and the wife are ack together and
    they live happy for the rest of their life.

  2. Now the truth is, i am a big fan of Perry’s movies…. and by the end of
    this one i was crying and praying and all… BUT i have MIXED FEELINGS
    about this movie… the ending was wack!!! 

  3. Just watched it, Kim can’t act for shit! That was the worst attempt at
    acting ive ever seen. im glad they didn’t get back together, now that dumb
    bitch has HIV and living alone, wonder if she feels alive now. She deserved
    what she got.

  4. Now let’s see if i get this straight

    Woman cheats (audience reaction): ” aww that’s so sad she’s not happy in
    her marriage, her lousy husband isn’t treating her right hopefully that
    other guy will treat her like a queen, you go girl.”

    Man cheats (audience reaction): “OMG what a jerk that guy is scum”

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