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  1. Hi Chase, Thanks so much for letting me know. So glad that it was helpful.
    Blessings on your journey and keep me posted if you would like. Chuck…

  2. Good Morning, Thanks so much for the reply. Way too funny! actually, I was
    just the opposite…I thought the music was great and the information was
    painful! 🙂 Chuck… i

  3. I listened to the whole thing, it was a good excercise in focusing on the
    words and ignoring the background! Keep up the good work, marriage is
    Godly! (30 yr. vet here)

  4. Good Morning. Thanks for your great comment and for sharing about your
    successful marriage. You are so very right. It is indeed never to late to
    save your marriage. Great job and keep up the awesome work! Blessings, Chuck

  5. Great video. I had you as an instructor at Liberty a few years ago in an
    intensive and learned so much from you. This is a great outline for me to
    use personally and with my clients.

  6. Good Evening Jon. Thanks for watching and thanks also for the feedback.
    Glad it was helpful for you. Let me know if it helps your clients as well.
    Blessings to you and yours. Chuck

  7. Good Afternoon. I’m so very sorry for the pain that you are in. It’s not
    okay for me to engage in anything, even if I believe it to be okay, if it
    causes pain to my wife. My reply needs to be, “Honey, I think you are so
    very wrong about this…nevertheless, you are so very important to me and
    our relationship is so very important to me that I will for your sake agree
    to give up whatever it is that causes you pain. You are more important to
    me than anything.” Hope that helps. Chuck

  8. Thanks chuck! It really helps. I dont really like seeing my husband
    browsing naked photos in front of me as i found it very disrespectful. And
    he does that when he knows im lined up for the doctor because of my kidney
    pain. I just want to be alone now and im hating him so much.

  9. I know i may be very unreasonable that it pisses me off when he does that.
    But i really dont understand why a man would do that in front of her wife
    when he knows im unwell and its not ok for me.

  10. Hi Again. I hear your intense anger and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me
    that you are angry with him for his hurting you in such an intimate way. I
    hope that you can get with someone to help you through this and get to a
    place in your marriage that is satisfying to both of you. If you cannot get
    counseling, I would encourage you to visit my website and maybe choose some
    books to help you to know how to navigate these difficulties. I listed
    authors that have been helpful to me…Chuck

  11. This stuff does work. My wife and I are starting a marriage class in our
    church and this will be a great tool. Thanks for this video, it helps me
    put into word thing that I know but have a hard time explaining.

  12. Good Morning George! Yes, it does work, and it works well. I’m so very
    excited about what you and your wife are doing at your church. I’m sure
    that you all will help more people than you can ever imagine. I’m glad that
    the video gives you a reproducible format that you can duplicate with
    others. Please let me know how things are going with the class. Thanks
    again! Blessings, Chuck

  13. Thanks a lot for this wondeful video!

    I was fighting with my spouse every day and it was affecting my children.

    my ex-friend asked me to use this “HubbyTrack” mobile app which helps to
    record and report all behaviours of the spouse which can be discussed and
    this brought in lots of factual discussions and avoided all imaginery

    I am lot more happy now!

  14. What if one of the partners is constantly “turning” to the other one and
    the other one never does.. won’t that first partner feel that he or she is
    forever “giving in” to the other one?

  15. This is by far the best video I have seen about relationship repair. My bf
    and I just had a huge fight over the holidays which quickly escalated to
    him moving out. Since then I have been researching information and sharing
    it with him. Since then we have talked and worked out a plan. Thank you for
    adding to my tool belt by making this video available to those who can’t
    afford traditional counseling. 

  16. My husband and I are both 24 years old and have been married for a year.
    Our marriage is very damaged and by damaged I mean trust issues sex issues
    communicating difficulties and with every struggle led to us mainly my
    husband changing every little thing about him. Now we are sleeping in
    separate rooms and even though we want to fix things and get things back we
    don’t know how and we are just damaged. Help!!!

  17. Thank you for replying. We’ve changed weepy thing about ourselves to the
    point where we don’t know who we are. We have no clue how to start
    repairing this and it very sad :(. Every time we go through a spell where
    we fight or don’t talk for a few days we sit down and write down what we
    need to change or do to make things better and sure they work for a little
    bit but then it goes back to before. What can we do what tips can we try to
    make this repeated cycle end?

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