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Question: I’m writing a fan fiction but I don’t know where to start. Have some ideas but not a lot. How to I organize my writing? How do I start writing?

Thank you:).

Answer: Fan fiction = fun.
I use it to get out of a funk and I love seeing others writing it. šŸ˜€
/end of my two cents about ff.

Best way to get started: Pick a novel/movie/anime/video game/etc.

I tend to go with Harry Potter. I know the novel, the canons, the characters. I happen to like Remus Lupin as a character which ended up introducing me to Remus x Sirius which then caused me to write several lengthy slash pieces. Heh, heh.

Anyways, pick your book/thing that you want to fanfic and then choose some characters. Find a genre that you like (romance, drama, action, horror) and have fun with it. You may want to read a little bit of fan fiction from your book/thing to get an idea of what the fandom is all about. is a great place to start at.

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  1. Create a detailed outline of your writing, for it will be essential later in the writing process. Begin with a structured first sentence, and expand from hereon.

  2. You should start by coming up with your own idea. I’m not saying this just to be mean to you, you should honestly try to come up with your own fictional world, its a lot of fun, trust me.

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